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S2 Ep7 – Helping great teachers grow and ending the coward punch

Aug. 10, 2022

Mike Broadstock learns about the work that the Pat Cronin Foundation does in schools to help end the coward punch with Pat's father, Matt Cronin, and Natalie Moutafis speaks with Haileybury master teacher Clare Mackie about …

S2 Ep6 – Meet the Internet's Dad and find out about the new faces for education in parliament

July 26, 2022

Shane Green talks with Rob Kenney, the father behind Dad, how do I?, the YouTube channel giving practical ‘dadvice‘ for everyday tasks, Michael Broadstock talks with ISV Chief Executive Michelle Green about the new faces fro…

S2 Ep5 – Children's Laureate Gabrielle Wang and how ISV is reigniting education

May 30, 2022

Michael Broadstock talks with Kieren Noonan about how ISV is helping teachers and school leaders reignite and reimagine education, Shane Green talks with Gabrielle Wang about how she came to be Australian Children’s Laureate…

S2 Ep4 – Getting back to nature, and the power of the spoken word

May 17, 2022

Natalie Moutafis talks with author and psychologist Megan de Beyer about the benefits for families in getting back to nature, Shane Green talks with ISV Chief Executive Michelle Green about ISV’s poetry competition for stude…

S2 Ep 3 – The Federal Election

May 5, 2022

Shane Green talks with ISV Chief Executive Michelle Green ahead of the federal election,  about the issues that matter to Independent schools, before and after polling day.

S2 Ep2 – Microcredentials

April 27, 2022

Mike Broadstock talks with DeakinCo CEO Glenn Campbell and ISV Innovation and Learning Leader Deb Carmichael about Microcredentials – Digital Badges – and how they are giving educators a new way of demonstrating what they ha…